Convening of RUFORUM vice chancellors focusing on effective institutional management and transformative leadership: final report

In October 2016, Deloitte (Uganda) Limited was commissioned by RUFORUM to facilitate a one day convening of RUFORUM vice chancellors, focused on strengthening African University Institutional Management and Transformative Leadership. This convening of the Vice Chancellors of African Agricultural Universities took place in Cape Town, South Africa. The purpose of the one day convening was to review leadership roles and responsibilities within the African context and to jointly develop practical approaches to addressing the challenges faced by Universities in the transformational process. The focus was to dialogue on how transformative leadership can effectively be applied in university management for greater university impact in the society and on the necessary frameworks and mechanisms including personnel management and partnership management for effective delivery of University programs. An overarching area of concern that emerged from the workshop was a strong consensus amongst the Vice Chancellors that in order to drive the desired transformation, the Vice Chancellors and Universities’ leadership would need to be equipped with the leadership skills necessary to drive the transformation.
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The MasterCard Foundation; EDULINK II ACP-EU Co-operation Programme in Higher Education
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