Repellency activity of Commiphora swynnertonii exudates against Rhipicephalus appendiculatus larvae

Evaluating plant extracts for anti-tick properties is essential towards development of alternative method for controlling tick infestation and other harmful insects. This study aimed to evaluate repellency activity of Commiphora swynnertonii hexane and chloroform extracts against Rhipicephullus appendiculatus larvae using climbing bioassay method. Concentrations of 110mg/ml, 100 mg/ml, 90mg/ml, 80mg/ml, 70mg/ml, 60mg/ml and 50mg/ml of hexane and chloroform extracts were used. C. swynnertonii chloroform and hexane extract had repellency activity in all concentrations at all-time intervals. The repellency activity was appeared to be concentration and time dependent. The results from this study strengthen the view that C. swynnertonii is the potential source of anti-tick agents.
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