Graduate Research Grants (GRG)

Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases 2020 - 2023
The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture with support from the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases have funded eight Graduate Research Grants (GRG) aimed at building the capability of graduate and post-graduate level students in Africa to conduct applied research on agricultural greenhouse gases. Each GRA-GRG supports a Principal Investigator (an individual senior lecturer of a RUFORUM member university) and two Masters Students to undertake research and training on topics related to the measurement and management of greenhouse gas emissions and removals in ruminant farming systems in Sub-Saharan Africa over a two-year period.

  1. Can pastoral grazing systems contribute to climate change mitigation? Gathering evidence and exploring future scenarios in the Grassland Biome of South Africa. Download project profile
  2. Capacity Building for Mitigation of GHG Emissions and Improved Ruminant Productivity through Efficient Feeding and Manure Management Strategies in Agro-Pastoral Systems. Download project profile
  3. Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Soil Carbon Stocks and Livestock Watering Points in Agropastoral Rangelands of Taita Taveta Hills, Kenya (GRESOL). Download project profile
  4. Relationship between cattle voluntary feed intake on pasture and enteric methane emission in the Sudanian zone of West Africa. Download project profile
  5. Developing equations for predicting feed intake by pastoral / agro-pastoral livestock: tackling uncertainty in Uganda’s national enteric methane emissions inventory. Download project profile
  6. Machine learning for estimating sources and sinks: Developing cloud computing-based, artificially intelligent algorithms to quantify livestock and biomass for management of GHG emissions. Download project profile
  7. Effects of changes in Land Use/Cover and Climate on Carbon Stocks in selected Agro-Ecological Zones of Uganda. Download project profilesr
  8.  Improvement of animal productivity through the valorization of local feed resources in South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo. Download project profile