Research and Innovation

Research and innovation unit coordinates and manages the RUFORUM Network’s Research and Innovation activities. The Unit plays a vital role in the development of academic activities (including academic and research works) within the Network, linking real-life activities in research. RUFORUM encourages students and Principal Investigators to cultivate an interest in research and make it a part of their life, beginning from small scale research work to moderate level, and to bigger projects to be accomplished in the future.
The unit plays an important role in ensuring that the institution’s vision, mission and its mandate responds to society and industry challenges.

The RUFORUM Research and Innovation unit is currently focused on:

  1. Searching for grant opportunities and open calls for research proposals from member universities
  2. Establishment of external links with other higher learning institutions/research institutions/development sectors of within and outside the country for collaborative research projects and funding
  3. Facilitating grants application processes at RUFORUM Secretariat
  4. Keeping updates of the progress and management of donor funded research projects
  5. Documenting all innovations, Patents and other research outputs (publications, thesis, technologies etc) emanating from previous and ongoing research at different member universities
  6. Overseeing all activities related to Technology Transfer and Commercialization