AQF 634: Fish Bioenergetics

This course covers: Scope, Components, Processes, Principle, Measurements and Models; Bioenergetics; Fuel Homeostasis and Values of Food Materials; Fish Metabolism and Adaptation; Energy Flow and Exchange in Living Matter; Efficiency of Nutrient Energy Utilization and Retention; Impact of Starvation or Feed Deprivation on Body Nutrient Concentration; Effects of abiotic factors on metabolism and growth; Biochemical Adaptation to Temperature; Metabolic Rate and Aestivation of Poikilotherms; Effects of Biotic Factors on Metabolism and Growth; Ontogenetic Changes in nutrient requirements, and Mobilization; Constituent Changes in Body Composition and Causal Factors; Stress, Toxicants, pollutants, and Detoxification Mechanisms; Minerals- their Metabolic Functions and Utilization; Dietary Balances or Imbalances and Regulation of Feeding
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