Combined Effect of Selected Technologies on Growth, Survival and Water quality of Improved Strain of Oreochromis Shiranus in Earthen Ponds of Dowa District, Malawi

The study to evaluate the combined effect of feed, feeding trays and clear plastic pond sheeting technique on the growth, survival and water quality of the improved strain of Oreochromis shiranus was conducted in Dowa District, Malawi, from February to June 2012. The experiment was a factorial conducted in a Complete Randomised Design. Three treatments (feed, feeding trays and clear plastic pond sheeting) were tested and data on fish weights collected at 21 day intervals for the 4 month period. Yields, FCR and survival rate were calculated at the end of the research period. Results from the study suggest that the treatment which had all the three technologies had the highest weight gain and survival rate of above 98% at 95 % confidence level.
L’étude visant à évaluer l’effet combiné de l’alimentation, des mangeoires et de la technique de couvrir les étangs par des bâches en plastique clair sur la croissance, la survie et la qualité de l’eau de la souche améliorée de Oreochromis shiranus a été menée dans le district de Dowa au Malawi, de Février à Juin 2012. L’expérience fut un factoriel réalisé dans une conception randomisée complète. Trois traitements (alimentation, mangeoires et bâches en plastique clair de l’étang) ont été testés et les données sur le poids des poissons prélevées à intervalles de 21 jours pour la période de 4 mois. Les rendements, le FCR et le taux de survie ont été calculés à la fin de la période de recherche. Les résultats de l’étude suggèrent que le traitement qui avait toutes les trois technologies a eu le plus grand gain de poids et le taux de survie de plus de 98% au niveau de confiance de 95%.
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The 2012 RUFORUM Biennial Conference is the third in the series. The main objective of the Biennial conferences is to provide a platform for agricultural research for development stakeholders in Africa and beyond to actively exchange findings and experiences, while at the same time learning lessons towards improving performance of the agricultural sector and ultimately people’s livelihoods. The biennial conference is RUFORUM’s most comprehensive meeting for the diversity of stakeholers in agriculture. It is especially dedicated to graduate students and their supervisors, grantees in RUFORUM member universities and alumni. It is a platform for peer review, quality control, mentorship, networking and shared learning. The third Biennial Conference was attended by 657 participants.This record contains an extended abstract accepted under the theme of Harnessing Aquaculture and Fisheries