The Contribution of Mobile Money Transfer in Marketing Agricultural Products of Women Involved in Agribusiness in Morogoro Municipality, Tanzania

Mobile money transfer services are popular services in Tanzania used to facilitate financial transactions for business activities and family matters. Despite of the fact that the services have many advantages to users; their contributions to Tanzanian agribusiness women on marketing their agricultural products are not empirically substantiated. This study aimed to investigate and establish the contribution of mobile money transfer services in marketing agricultural products to women involved in agribusiness by analyzing factors motivating agribusiness women to use mobile money transfer services in marketing agricultural products, to understand to what extent mobile money transfer services used by agribusiness women in marketing agricultural products and to identify challenges and advantages agribusiness women who use MMT get from using the services. A case study was Morogoro Municipality Tanzania. Both qualitative and quantitative from primary and secondary data were used in the study. Primary data were collected from agribusiness women within Morogoro Municipality, Secondary data were collected from network service providers, library and from the internet. Then quantitative data were analyzed by using SPSS program version 20 and qualitative data were analyzed by content analysis. The study identified that the services were used by agribusiness women and age, education, type of business products, capital and type of customer are the factors that motivate agribusiness women to use MMT services. It was identified that service providers agents problems, unavailability of network, high transaction cost compared to bank are among the challenges agribusiness women face in using MMT and promotion, time saving, security of their money are among of the advantages agribusiness women get from using MMT. It was recommended that due to its potentiality in facilitating money transactions; MMT service providers should make sure that their services are convenient, affordable and easy to use by their customers.
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East Africa
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Muluken G. Wordofa (PhD), Prof. Zebedayo S.K. Mvena
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