Evaluation of rainwater harvesting techniques in Yatta district, Kenya

Climate change and/or variability are expected to affect water availability as well as the techniques of water harvesting. The main objective of this study was to investigate factors affecting adoption of rainwater harvesting techniques in Yatta district, it involves identifying factors affecting rainwater harvesting techniques, determining factors influencing adoption of rainwater harvesting techniques among households, and investigating the influence of climate change impact on water resources in Yatta district. The data were collected using a semi-structured questionnaires administered to 60 farmers in two divisions in Yatta district of Eastern Province, Kenya. Farmers were randomly selected from each of the two divisions. A logistic regression model was used to determine factors influencing adoption of rainwater harvesting techniques among households. It was found that roof water tanks (45%) as well as sand dams (36.1%) were the most practiced techniques in this area by most farmers. The study also found that most of the farmers were aware about water harvesting techniques and willing to adopt them. Extension officers and NGOs were found to be the most important source of information to the farmers on water harvesting techniques. Logistic model showed that the education level, experience of water shortage, awareness of water harvesting techniques were highly important variables that positively influences adoption of water harvesting techniques. There were positive correlation between the observed changes on water resources and the experiences of water shortages attributed to the effect of climate change. There was also a positive correlation between farmers coping with challenges of the techniques and the source of information. Rainwater harvesting techniques activities required by the farmers include technical knowledge and skills, capital, row material and organization supports. In addition, farmers need to be mobilized and trained in the use of rainwater harvesting techniques and potential benefits of adopting them to their livelihoods.
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East Africa
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Dr. R. N. Onwonga, Dr. David M.Mburu
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