Improving Research Methods On Bean Breeding At Burundi Agronomic Sciences Research Institute

In Burundi, agricultural sector faces several constraints among them climate variability, increasing population density, pests and diseases and soil degradation. These factors lead to very low (and declining) levels of agricultural productivity and food insecurity. Agricultural research institutions are the channel for enhancing crop production through agricultural research for development. From this perspective, a one year attachment has been undertaken for improving research methods on bean breeding at Burundi Agronomic Sciences Research Institute (ISABU). Activities such as reviewing and designing research instruments (protocols, questionnaires), data analysis, data management, statistical advices in experimental designs, and training on use of statistical software. These activities were accomplished while participating in the implementation of three ongoing projects in bean research component. These projects were (i) Improving bean production and food security through selection of bean varieties for the five agro-ecological zones of Burundi, (ii) Promoting the use of improved agronomic practices (agro-systems) based on climbing beans in the Great Lakes region, and (iii) Value added bean technologies for enhancing food security, nutrition, income and resilience to cope with climate change and variability challenges in Eastern Africa. This one year internship revealed that for quality research, scientists with different expertise are required to work together as a team from the planning stage up to findings publication. Moreover, research institutions should have facilities such as access to scientific publications, statistical services unit well provided for appropriate and updated software.
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East Africa
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Dr. Elijah Miinda ATEKA, Ms. Caroline Wanja MUGO, Dr. Ir. Désiré NKEZABAHIZI
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