Improving Scientific Research at Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) – Kakamega Research Centre: a Research Methods Approach

MSc in Research Methods is a unique problem solving program that increases the capacity to plan, implement and generate quality research. Lack of current and necessary statistical skills in data analysis, interpretation and reporting and existence of weak review and data management frameworks contribute significantly to poor quality research. The main objective of the study was to improve the research undertaken at the institution through use of a research methods approach. A survey was carried out to identify the statistical needs of the scientists at the beginning of the attachment period. Interaction with scientists and technical staff, participation in research, attending planning meetings, holding trainings and provision of research approaches support were undertaken to improve the skills of scientists and technical officers involved in research. Capacity building in various data analysis software, quality assurance in data, research designs and presentation was also conducted. The results showed that seminars equipped the scientists and technical staff with the current skills required in the rapidly changing research environment. A large loss of data was due to inadequate data management procedures performed. It was observed that only a handful of statistical analysis for instance ANOVA, statistical packages and research designs were often used by scientists. A data management protocol was developed.
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East Africa
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Prof. Kamau Ngamau, JKUAT, Dr. John Kihoro, JKUAT, and Mr. Maurice Mudeheri, Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
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