Increasing Scientific Research Capacity in Africa through a Proven Model

The study focuses on an international model that is designed to strengthen scientific research in higher education. Research skills are taught in various universities and some are acquired through experience and interaction with researchers. The need for research is unquestionable and the desire for it to be integrated into formal education is greatly accepted. However, there is no standard, uniform model for integrating research into education programmes. This case study will focus on CRDF Global’s model that integrates agricultural research into existing university programmes. CRDF Global is a non-profit organisation, non-governmental organisation that has worked for more than a decade to build sustainable institutional capacity for research and higher education.
L’étude se concentre sur un modèle international qui vise à renforcer la recherche scientifique dans l’enseignement supérieur. Les compétences en recherche sont enseignées dans les différentes universités et certaines sont acquises par l’expérience et l’interaction avec les chercheurs. La nécessité de la recherche est incontestable et le désir pour qu’elle puisse être intégrée dans l’éducation formelle est grandement accepté. Cependant, il n’existe aucune norme, ni de modèle uniforme pour intégrer la recherche dans les programmes éducatifs. Cette étude de cas portera sur le modèle CRDF Global qui intègre la recherche agronomique dans les programmes universitaires existants. CRDF Global est une organisation sans but lucratif, une organisation non gouvernementale qui a travaillé pendant plus d’une décennie pour construire une capacité institutionnelle durable pour la recherche et l’enseignement supérieur.
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The 2012 RUFORUM Biennial Conference is the third in the series. The main objective of the Biennial conferences is to provide a platform for agricultural research for development stakeholders in Africa and beyond to actively exchange findings and experiences, while at the same time learning lessons towards improving performance of the agricultural sector and ultimately people’s livelihoods. The biennial conference is RUFORUM’s most comprehensive meeting for the diversity of stakeholers in agriculture. It is especially dedicated to graduate students and their supervisors, grantees in RUFORUM member universities and alumni. It is a platform for peer review, quality control, mentorship, networking and shared learning. The third Biennial Conference was attended by 657 participants.This record contains an extended abstract accepted under the theme of Strengthening Science & Technology