PhD in Agricultural Resource Economics

In sub-Saharan Africa, both hunger and poverty have been the major problems faced by the people and governments. The consequences of these problems are natural disorder, high human mortality, and environmental degradation, among others. Government policies in the region are aimed at ending hunger and creating wealth among the masses through increased food production, promotion of entrepreneurship and commercialization of agriculture and creating an enabling environment. However, even if development capital is made available, the key element is availability of qualified human resource that can undertake activities that will provide solutions to many of the problems faced by the region. These can only be achieved by empowering the people through education and training and therefore, capacity building in all sectors of the economy in the region is paramount. This is a regional program for Central, Eastern, and Southern Africa given at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources in Malawi.
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Central Africa
East Africa
Southern Africa
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