PhD in Soil and Water Management

This is a regional program for Central, Eastern, and Southern Africa taught at Sokoine University of Agriculture in Tanzania. Following wide range consultations within the Eastern, Southern and Central African region (ESCA) that were conducted during the period 2004-2005 it was concluded that there exists deficiency in highly qualified human resource in the Agricultural sector. Accordingly, in 2006 the Vice Chancellors of the RUFORUM member universities agreed to launch joint regional PhD training programmes in critical gap areas including soil and water management. The decision aimed at developing the required human resource capacity in order to address the development challenges in the region. In particular, the Soil and Water Management PhD Programme aims at producing competent graduates with the capability of managing soil and water which are key natural resources. Importantly, this initiative aims at building capacity to support the Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Programme, more specifically increasing access to sustainable land management and reliable water control systems and overall, addresses the improvement of agricultural research, technology dissemination and adoption.
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Central Africa
East Africa
Southern Africa
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