Research Briefs for the Fifth Graduate Research Grants Call

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  1. Targeting Non-Responsive Soils For Improved Food And Fodder Production In Integrated Crop-Livestock Smallholder Farming Systems Of Western Kenya. (PI - Abigael Nekesa Otinga. Co-reseachers;- John. Robert Okalebo, Jackson K. Kitiliit, Ruth Njoroge, Anderson Kipkoech)
  2. Unlocking The Potential of Indigenous Fruit Trees for Increased Food Security, Nutritional Health, Cash Income, Farm Diversity and Environmental Resilience in Uganda. (PI - Jacob Godfrey Agea. Co-reserachers;- Benard B. Obaa)
  3. Integrated Management of Aflatoxin in Groundnut: Assessment of drought tolerant varieties, biological agents, and/or mulching in reducing Aflatoxin contamination and enhancing productivity of groundnut in drylands of Ethiopia. (PI - Alemtshay Tsegay. Co-reseachers;- Dereje Assefa, Kiros Meles, YemaneTsehaye, Berhanu Abreha)
  4. Hydropedology And Water Isotopic Signatures Of The Mountain Wetlands Of Lesotho. (PI - Botle Esther Mapeshoane. Co-researchers;- Makoae Masopha)
  5. Contributing to Understanding and Management of Pineapple Heart Rot Disease in Uganda. (PI - Bosco Bua. Co-researchers;- Geoffrey Tusiime, Jackie Atim)
  6. Unlocking the Potential of African NightShade (Solanum nigrum L.) for Improved Food Security and Social Welfare of Kenyan Smallholder Farmers. (PI - Cecilia Moraa Onyango. Co-researchers;- Richard N. Onwonga, Ngugi Kahiu, Desterio Nyamongo, John W. Kimenju)
  7. Enhancing capacity building for reproductive knowledge and product marketing for Adansonia digitata L to improve rural livelihoods in Malawi. (PI - Chimuleke Rowland Yagontha Munthali. Co-researchers;- Chanyenga Tembo, Mavuto Tembo, Leonard manda, Victor Kasulo, Wales Singini, Jarret Mhango, Victor Msiska)
  8. Impact Assessment of Sustainable Management of the Papaya Mealybug, Paracoccus marginatus (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae), In Small Scale Papaya Production System In Mozambique. (PI - Domingos R. Cugala. Co-researchers;- Luisa Santos and Amélia Sidumo)
  9. Innovations to Enhance Participation of Rural Women Agri-entrepreneurs in Cassava Value Chain in North and North-Eastern Uganda. (PI- Duncan Ongeng. Co-researchers;- Basil Mugonola, Charles Muyanja)
  10. Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) Germplasm Evaluation for Botswana Conditions. (PI - Vallantino Erone Emongor. Co-researchers;- Otsogile Oagile)
  11. Blackberry Germplasm Collection, Characterisation and Breeding for Commercial Production in Kenya. (PI - Morwani R. Gesimba. Co-researchers;- Joshua O. Ogendo, Paul C. Korir)
  12. Establishing the Impact of Extreme Flooding of Lake Baringo on Livestock and Fisheries Productivity and Livelihoods among the Farming Communities Living around the Lake. (PI - Michael M. Gicheru. Co-researchers;- Benson M. Mwangi, Joshua Mutiso, Daniel Mui, Lucy G. Kavinda)
  13. Demonstrating the Potential of Groundnut Value Chain Innovation System to Improve Income, Food and Nutrition of Smallholder Farmers in Babile District, Eastern Ethiopia. (PI - Jemal Yousuf Hassen.)
  14. Studies on the Integrated Management of Orobanche Crenata and Seed and Soil Borne Diseases of Faba Bean in Northern Ethiopia. (PI - Kiros Meles Ayimut. Co-researchers;- DerejeAsefaAberra, Ibrahim Fitiwy, BerhanuAbrhaAsegu, Dawit G/EgziabherMekonnen)
  15. Enhancing effective trypanosome control strategies against multi-drug resistance in trypanosomiasis endemic regions in Kenya.(PI - Benard Kulohoma. Co-researchers;- Lillian Wambua)
  16. Increasing Soybeans and Climbing Beans Production in Smallholders’ Farms in Eastern Kenya. (PI - John Maingi Muthini. Co-researchers;- Omwoyo Ombori, Ezekiel Mugendi Njeru, Jacinta Malia Kimiti)
  17. Enhancing the Capacity of Uganda’s Agricultural Extension Services to Impact nutrition of rural farming households. (PI - Margaret Najjingo Mangheni. Co-researchers;- Margaret Kabahenda, Dr Peter Walekhwa)
  18. Genome Characteristics and Transmission Dynamics of African Swine Fever, at the Livestock-Wildlife Interface: Pathways to the Control of Transboundary Animal Diseases. (PI - Charles Masembe. Co-researchers;- Vincent Muwanika, Ademun Rose)
  19. Taming Striga hermonthica by upgrading lignification of secondary cell walls of maize roots through two biotechnology approaches. (PI - Allan Jalemba Mgutu. Co-researchers;- Catherine Ongecha Taracha, Mark Wamalwa)
  20. Enhancing Competitiveness of Potato Production in Lowland Areas of Uganda. (PI - Johnny Mugisha. Co-researchers;- Stephen Kalule Wamala, Aheisibwe Ambrose Rwaheru)
  21. Development of Biopesticide-based IPM Systems to Reduce Synthetic Pesticide Residues in Vegetables for Niche Market Access by Small-holder Growers. (PI - James. W. Muthomi. Co-researchers;- Faith Toroitich, John Wagacha Maina, John H. Nderitu)
  22. Enhancing productivity of Traditional Goat Phenotypes among Small-holder Farmers of Uganda. (PI - Vincent Muwanika. Co-researchers;- Charles Masembe, Dorothy Nampanzira Kalule, Fredrick Kabi, Noragene Molecular Technologies, Limited)
  23. Increasing production and marketability of improved cowpea varieties in northwestern Uganda. (PI - Bernard B. Obaa. Co-researchers;- Giregon Olupot, Robert Amayo)
  24. Rice Brown sheath rot (Pseudomonas fuscovaginae) Disease in Burundi: an Assessment of occurrence, Germplasm Reaction, Seed health status and Disinfection Approaches. (PI - Phinehas Tukamuhabwa. Co-researchers;- Gerard Rusuku, Bigirimana Joseph)
  25. Improving Mungbean productivity for nutritional diversification, income and food security in Uganda [Phase II]. (PI - Herbert Talwana. Co-researchers;- Moses Biruma, Frank Kagoda)
  26. Development of a Low-Cost Pineapple Drier and Utilization of Agricultural Waste to Enhance Income Security among Small-holder Farmers in Kayunga District. (PI - Ahamada Zziwa. Co-researchers;- Florence B. Kyazze, Komakech Allan, Kambugu Robert, Lwiza Nsereko Florence)