Terminalia mantaly leaves as a novel additive in water-based drilling MUD

In drilling processes, mud additives and cuttings comprise waste drilling fluids which end up being disposed into the environment. Naturally based mud additives that are eco-friendly, cheap and can improve the rheological properties and filtration loss of the drilling mud should be investigated. This research investigated the effect of Terminalia mantaly leaves in water-based mud as additive to improve drilling mud properties. Test and control mud were formulated and their properties determined using American Petroleum Institute (API) standard procedures. The obtained results showed that the plastic viscosity of the mud sample improved by 18% and 29% for the mud with 1% and 2 % T. mantaly plant concentration and were within the recommended values at standard temperature of 49 °C. However, PV values of the mud with T. mantaly leaves were affected by temperature, the value of 37cP was recorded by 4% concentration plant sample at 70 °C. The yield point of the formulated mud increased by 21% for 3 and 4% plant concentration. The pH of the drilling mud was basic for the C1 and C2 mud and mud with 1-3% concentration of T. mantaly except the mud of 4 % which recorded the pH of 6.9. The plant material did not alter mud weight at all concentrations. T. mantaly leaves reduced the filtration loss by 50%. Rheological properties of mud with T. mantaly leaves were within the recommended values after aging except that of gel strength at 10 seconds which recorded the value of 0.8 1b/100ft2 after aging at 65° C and 93 °C. The drilling mud without T. mantaly leaves and surfactant showed high volume of filtration loss. Flat gel strength of the mud with T. mantaly leaves after all aging temperatures shows that the formulation was good and could be used to improve mud properties. Terminalia family has been reported to be having various phytochemicals which could have contributed to the improved properties of the drilling mud. This research is therefore encouraging the use of the leaves extract from Terminalia mantaly to improve the properties of the drilling mud. More research need to be done on the active component(s) in Terminalia mantaly plant to account for its activity in drilling mud formulation.
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East Africa
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