Institut National Polytechnique

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Institut National Polytechnique

Université de Lorraine promotes innovation through the dialogue of knowledge, taking advantage of the variety and strength of its scientific fields, and aiming at the promotion of knowledge transfer to irrigate innovation and economic growth as well as the progress of fundamental science. Being the university of a whole region, Université de Lorraine is a major actor of its economic and social development, building on intercultural and intergeneration links, coordinating a regional research policy, and giving access to higher education to as many inhabitants as possible. Université de Lorraine offers curricula in all fields of knowledge: sciences, health, technology, engineering sciences, human and social sciences, law, economy, management, arts, literature and language. A specific focus is given to crossovers between fields and skills, to help students develop their own pathway. It offers to its nearly 52,000 students a full range of studies, in all fields, and in conformity to the Bologna model (bachelor / master / doctorate). It also proposes specific French diplomas such as DUT in a variety of fields (a 2 years vocational diploma which is often followed by an additional year to obtain a vocational bachelor degree) or diplôme d’ingénieur, a master-level degree in engineering and industrial...

Ivory Coast
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Ivory Coast
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West Africa
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