Scaling up innovation platform approach implementation in Rwanda

The adoption of innovation platform approach is gaining credence in the Districts of Rwanda. This paper gives a picture of the Platforms initiated by Rwanda Agricultural Board (RAB) in Kirehe, Bugesera, Nyamagabe and Muhanga Districts. It describes also other platforms supported by external RAB funded projects such as RAB/ASARECA Climate Change, RAB/AGROBIO/ASARECA, RAB/ASARECA/BXW and RAB/SIMLESA/ACIAR. Finaly it shows the platforms’establishment plan accross the country for banana, fish farming on Kivu Lake and beef cattle value-chains. The main challenges remain funding and limited number of social scientists capable to facilitate the work of the innovation platforms established. However, there is high political support for the approach and several projects intend to provide financial support for Iinnovation platforms (IPs).
L’adoption de l’approche des plateformes d’innovations agricoles gagne du credit dans beaucoup de districts du Rwanda. Cet article donne une image des plateformes initiées par RAB dans les Districts de Kirehe, Bugesera, Nyamagabe et Muhanga. Il décrit aussi un bon nombre d’autres plateformes qui bénéficient des projets tels que RAB/ASARECA Climate Change, RAB/ AGROBIO/ASARECA, RAB/ASARECA/BXW et RAB/ SIMLESA/ACIAR. Finalement, un plan futur pour la mise en place d’autres platformes dans le pays est aussi presenté notamment pour la promotion de la banane, la pêche sur le Lac Kivu et la chaîne de production de la viande de boeuf. Les principaux defis restent le financement des activites prevues et le nombre limite de chercheurs en sciences sociales capables de renforcer les platformes initiees. Cependant, il y a dans le pays un soutien politique incomparable et beaucoup de projects veulent financer l’approche “Plateforme d’innovations”.
Extended abstract under Value Chains and Innovation Platform
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The 2012 RUFORUM Biennial Conference is the third in the series. The main objective of the Biennial conferences is to provide a platform for agricultural research for development stakeholders in Africa and beyond to actively exchange findings and experiences, while at the same time learning lessons towards improving performance of the agricultural sector and ultimately people’s livelihoods. The biennial conference is RUFORUM’s most comprehensive meeting for the diversity of stakeholders in agriculture. It is especially dedicated to graduate students and their supervisors, grantees in RUFORUM member universities and alumni. It is a platform for peer review, quality control, mentorship, networking and shared learning. The third Biennial Conference was attended by 657 participants. This record contains an extended abstract accepted under the theme Value Chains and Innovation Platform