Factors influencing the use of improved maize seed technology in Kilosa District in Tanzania

Around the world, the use of improved agricultural technology among maize farmers to boost agricultural productivity has been emphasized. In view of this development, Tanzania Government implemented numerous initiatives and policies aimed at improving varieties of maize, in a quest of yielding a successful productive of the crop. As such, the study explored factors influencing use of improved maize seed technology among smallholder farmers in one of the purposefully selected district of Kilosa in Tanzania. The study used data that was collected in Kilosa district in which 286 maize farmers were selected. Using a multi-staged sampling technique, a questionnaire was administered to collect retrospective information from farmers for the past 5 years preceding. The study used a multinomial logistic, logit and tobit regression techniques and descriptive statistics to analyse data objectively in order to answer the study questions. The results revealed that high yield, early maturity, tolerant to drought, resistant to pest and diseases, household labour, hired labour, cooperatives, extension services and education have a variedly statistically significant contribution to promote farmers’ choice of maze varieties and their continued or discontinued use decision, respectively. Further, high yield, early maturity, tolerant to drought, large grain size; and resistant to pest and diseases were the major criteria used by farmers to make decision on utilisation of the variety. The findings imply that technology perceived attribute, farmers’ characteristics and institutional factors are the key drivers to increase the extent of production of the variety. The findings suggest the high importance of socio-economic, institutional and technological aspects as key factors in ensuring the use of improved maize seed varieties.
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East Africa
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Charity Chonde; Isaac Moya Cosby Mambo; Addi-Khalil Edriss
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