Research briefs for the First Graduate Research Grants Call

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Titles of Project Research Briefs

1. Evaluation of the effect of soil fertility and soil quality on nutritive value of selected crops in the physiographic units of Mbeya Region, Tanzania. (PI-Nyambilila Amuri. Co-Researchers-E. Semu, B.M. Msanya & Monica Karuhanga Beraho).

2. Participatory management of Striga in cereal-based cropping systems in eastern Uganda. (PI-Jenipher Bisikwa. Co-Researchers -  Michael Otim, Monica Karuhanga Beraho).

3. Developing Appropriate Feeding and Breeding Strategies for Improved Smallholder Pig Production. (PI-David Mutetikka. Co-Researchers-Helen Nakimbugwe, Margaret Nabasirye).

4. Translating integrated soil fertility management empirical knowledge into action through participatory learning and marketing with farmers in Zimbabwe. PI-Florence Mtambanengwe. Co-Reserachers-Paul Mapfumo, egis Chikowo, Shephard Siziba, David Dhliwayo).

5. Developing capacity for implementing innovative PPR control strategies based on the Epidemiology and Socio-economic aspects of the disease in the East African region. (PI-George Chege Gitao. CoResearchers-Gachugia K, Wairire G.G, Karimubo E.D).

6. Participatory management of Striga in cereal-based cropping systems in eastern Uganda. (PI-Jenipher Bisikwa. CoResearchers-Michael Otim, Monica Karuhanga Beraho).

7. Evaluating the effects of conservation agriculture and related technologies on soil biodiversity, crop and labour productivity in semi-arid Zimbabwe. (PI-Isaiah Nyagumbo. Co-Researchers-Justice Nyamangara, Saidi Mkomwa, Ken Giller).

8. Integrating indigenous and scientific soil quality indicators for improved crop production. (P1-Monica Karuhanga Beraho. Co-Researchers-Festus Bagoora, John S. Tenywa, Joy K. Tumuhairwe).

9. Tomato Curl Stunt Virus management strategies for all year round tomato production in Mozambique. (PI-Luisa Santos. Co-Researchers-Carvalho Carlos Ecole, Ana Maria Mondjana, Valter Nuno Antonio Nuaila, Valter Nuno Antonio Nuaila).

10. Promoting macropropagation technology to improve small-scale farmers’ access to affordable high quality seedlings of banana cultivars with high market demand. (PI-Maina Mwangi. Co-Reseachers-Reuben Muasya, Njuguna Kori, S. Mwaura).

11. Climate change adaptation strategies in the semi-arid region of Uganda. (PI-Majaliwa Mwanjalolo Jackson-Gilbert. Co-Researchers-Isolo Mukwaya, Prossy Isubikalu).

12. Assessment of spatio-temporal redistribution of major crops and livestock mobility due to climate change and variability in Uganda. (PI-Majaliwa Mwanjalolo Jackson-Gilbert. Co-Researchers-Paul Isolo Mukwaya, Prossy Isubikalu, Lawrence Aribo).

13.Enhancing the resilience of agricultural communities to climate change and variability in eastern Uganda and Albertine Rift. (PI-Majaliwa Mwanjalolo Jackson-Gilbert. Co-Researchers-Paul Mukwaya Isolo).

14. Understanding the gender dimensions of the impact of climate change on agriculture and adaptation among small holder farmers in Uganda. (PI-Margaret Najjingo Mangheni. Co-Researchers-Bernard Bashasha, Majaliwa J.G.M).

15. The impact of climate change and climate variability on agricultural productivity in selected climatological zones of Uganda. (PI-Margaret Nabasirye. Co-Researchers-Moses Makooma Tenywa, Yazidhi Bamutaze, Chris A. Shisanya).

16. Sustainable crop production using hairy vetch (vicia villosa roth) to enrich soil fertility and conserve soil moisture for maize cropping in smallholder farming systems in Zimbabwe. (PI-Menas Wuta. Co-Researchers-Isaiah Nyagumbo, Martin Munyati, Farai Mapanda).

17. Improving water use efficiency in barley using water management technologies for enhancing adaptation to climate variability and climate change in the northern Ethiopia. (PI-Arayie Alemie Berhe. Co-Researcher-Arayie Alemie Berhe).

18. The Impact of Climate Change/Anthropogenic Pressures on the Losses and Degradation of Wetlands in Lesotho. (PI-Olaleye, A.O. Co-Researchers-Mokhothu, M.N, Masia Johane, Godeto T.W, Aiyuk, S.E).

19. Development of plant nutrient efficient use sorghum varieties to support livelihood strategies east African farmers. (PI-Patrick Okori. Co-Researcher-Samuel Gudu).

20. The potential of school gardening to mitigate short-term hunger and its effects on schooling in universal primary schools in eastern Uganda. (PI-Paul Kibwika. Co-Researchers-Florence Birungi Kyazze, Charles Muyanja).

21. Understanding the Persistence of Foot-and-Mouth Disease in Uganda: the case of western Uganda. (PI-Prossy Isubikalu. Co-Researchers-Charles Masembe, Vincent B. Muwanika, Anna Rose Ademun Okurut).

22. Development, promotion and dissemination of improved Fusarium wilt resistant pigeonpea lines in drought prone areas in Uganda. (PI-Clare Mukankusi Mugisha. Co-Researchers-Emmanuel Monyo, Thomas Areke).

23. Modelling the potential impact of climate change on sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) and cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) production in semi-arid areas of Kenya using the agricultural production systems simulator (APSIM). (PI-Richard N. Onwonga. Co-Researchers-J. P. Mbuvi, Mary Githinji, G. Kironchi).

24. Selection and optimization of soil fertility and water management technologies to cope with soil variability under changing environmental conditions in Harare. (PI-Simon Madyiwa. Co-Researchers-P. Nyamugafata, J. Nyamangara, D. K. Dhliwayo, A. Mushuta).

25. Prospects of aquaculture as a rural development intervention in eastern Uganda. (PI-Theodora S. Hyuha. Co-Researchers-Anne Akol, William Ekere, Elizabeth Netalisire Lukongi, Ajangale Nelly Isyagi).

26. Assessment of the spatio-temporal bovine migratory routes and trans- boundary animal diseases infestation in Uganda. (PI-William Ekere. Co-Researchers-Majaliwa Mwanjalolo Jackson-Gilbert, Paul Isolo Mukwaya, Simon Nangiro).

27. Socio-economic impact, spatial distribution and enhanced capacity to manage Rift Valley fever in East Africa. (PI-Philip N. Nyaga. C0-Researchers-Njenga Kariuki, Robinson H. Mdegela, Joseph Erume, Christopher O. Gor, Lucy W. Njagi, George K. Gitau, Jane W. Githinji).