Research briefs for the Second Graduate Research Grants Call

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Titles of Project Research Briefs

1. Conserve and screen premium value indigenous plant biodiversity and products on smallholder farming systems of Lake Victoria Basin in East Africa. (PI-Agnes Namutebi. Co-Researchers-Levi S. M. Akundabweni ).

2. Improving biological nitrogen fixation (BNF) by groundnuts (Arachis hypogea L.) grown in acid soils through amendment with calcitic and dolomitic limestones. (PI- Beatrice Were. Co.-Researchers-J.R. Okalebo, . Pieter Pypers, David Kalule Okello, Abigael Nekesa Otinga, Roel Merckx, . Caleb Othieno, Janet Ogega, Dorothy Akinyi Onyango).

3. Soil properties effects and management of organic residues to improve C sequestration, reduce N losses and improve crop yields. (PI-Benjamin Oginga Danga. Co-Researchers-Benson Mochoge, Jayne Mugwe, Zachary Getenga).

4. Functional Analysis of Cooperatives and their impact on Livelihood and Sustainability: A case of Agricultural Cooperatives in Malawi. (PI-Beston B. Maonga. Co-Researchers-Sera Gondwe, S. Phiri).

5. Assessment of spatio-temporal redistribution of major crops and livestock mobility due to climate change and variability in Uganda. (PI-Majaliwa Mwanjalolo Jackson-Gilbert. Co-Researchers- Paul Isolo Mukwaya, Prossy Isubikalu, Lawrence Aribo).

6. Development of management practices for sustainable improvement of indigenous goats in Tanzania. (PI-Sebastian W. Chenyambuga. Co-Researchers-Daniel M. Komwihangilo, Edith E. Ndemanisho).

7. Assessment of the fruit fly, Bactrocera invadens, pest status and the establishment of the parasitoid, Fopius arisanus in Mozambique. (PI-Domingos Cugala. Co-Researchers-Luisa Santos, Albano Gabriel).

8. Participatory control of Newcastle disease in village poultry using thermostable ND vaccines in Uganda. (PI-Denis K. Byarugaba. Co-Researchers-Jesca L. Nakavuma, Andrew State).

9. Participatory action research-based strategies for utilising fallows to enhance land and livestock productivity in Zimbabwean communal lands. (PI-. Emmanuel Manzungu. Co-Researchers-Sharai Ncube, Benjamin Hanyani-Mlambo).

10. Development of improved Scald tolerant Barley varieties with superior end-use (malt) and nutritional quality for dry land areas of the northern Ethiopia. (PI-Feiten Abay. Co-Researchers-Asmund Bjornstad, Richard Edema).

11. Production of disease-free papaya (Carica papaya L.) planting materials of known sex for commercial fruit production. (PI-Fredah K. R. Wanzala. Co-Researchers- Agnes W. Kihurani, Mercy Mwaniki, Monica M. Waiganjo).

12. Enhancing productivity of dry bean in the face of climate variability through drought resilient varieties. (PI-George N. Chemining’wa. Co-Researchers-Mary Mburu, Paul M. Kimani, John Nderitu, Jessica Ndubi, John Mwaniki).

13. Participatory Development, Testing and Validation of Concepts and Technologies for Site-Specific Detection and Control of Plant Parasitic Nematodes Infecting Tomatoes in Mwea, Kenya. (PI-George M. Kariuki. Co-Researchers-Francis Kariuki, Violet Gathaara, Jonah K. Birgen).

14. Towards benchmarking conservation agriculture in prevalent cropping systems of Malawi. (PI-H.R.Mloza-Banda. Co-Researchers-M. Sikwese, C. Makwiza).

15. Improving greengram (Vigna radiata) productivity for nutritional diversification, income and food security in Uganda. (PI- Herbert Talwana. Co-Researchers- Gabriel Elepu, Nelson Wanyera, John Obuo, Chris Ojiewo).

16. Enhancing Potato Production and Market Access in Uganda. (PI- Johnny Mugisha, Co-Researchers- Enid Katungi, Apolo Katwijukye Kasharu).

17. Establishment of a suitable fire monitoring and plan for the sustainable management of Miombo Woodlands in Niassa National Reserve Northern Mozambique. (PI- Natasha Sofia Ribeiro. Co-Researchers- Romana Bandeira, Ana Ribeiro).

18. Adapting soybean varieties to soil fertility variability for increased productivity in smallholder systems of Uganda. (PI- Peter Ebanyat. Co-Researchers- ).

19. Evaluation of Metarhizium anisopliae for integrated management of termites on maize and Grevillea robusta in Uganda and Kenya. (PI- Philip Nyeko. Co-Researchers- Linnet S. Gohole, Nguya K. Maniania, Hilary Agaba, Benon Muyinza Sekamatte).

20. Developing a broad soybean germplasm base and durable resistance to soybean rust disease in Uganda. (PI- Phinehas Tukamuhabwa. Co-Researchers- Geoffrey Tusiime, Kawuki Robert).

21. Impact of Land use Change on Soil Carbon Stocks and Livelihoods of Communities on MT. Elgon Region, Uganda. (PI- Susan Balaba Tumwebaze. Co-Researchers- Moses .M. Tenywa, M. Buyinza, Nantumbwe Clare Mutumba).

22. Development of a hot pepper (Capsicum chinense) root rot and wilt disease management strategy through genetic resistance, chemical application and proper choice of rotational crops. (PI- Tusiime Geoffrey. Co-Researchers- Nkalubo Stanley, Tukamuhabwa Phinehas, Abasaija Kweyamba, Munyazikwiye Deo).

23. Improving Soil nutrients and Water management to increase crop yields for enhanced livelihoods of small scale farmers in Semi-arid eastern Kenya. (PI- Benson Mochoge. Co-Researchers- Benjamin Danga, Geoffrey Kironchi, Catherine Kibunja).

24. Agronomic management strategies for the enhancement of productivity of food yams (dioscorea spp). (PI- D. S. O. Osiru. Co-researchers- N.M.W. Wanyera).

25. Participatory selection and development of drought tolerant cassava varieties for farmers in marginal areas of Uganda. (PI- Davaid Osiru. Co-Researchers- Elizabeth Balyejusa-Kizito, Jenipher Bisikwa, Yona Baguma).

26. Legume biomass transfer for enhancing productivity of maize in Striga infested farmlands: the case of Iringa district, Tanzania. (PI- Kallunde P. Sibuga. Co-Researchers- John.J. Msaky, Ibrahim Wikedzi, Lucy Nyallu).

27. Enhancing Village Chicken Productivity through Parasite Management for Effective Newcastle Disease Vaccination in Kenya. (PI- Lilly C. Bebora. Co-Researchers- N. Maingi, P.N. Nyaga, P. G. Mbuthia, C. O. Gor, L. W. Njagi).