Value Chain Analysis for Ziziphus spina - christi in Sheikan Locality, North Kordofan State, Sudan

Fruit of Ziziphus spina christi (Nabag) plays an important role in the malnutrition prevention, fresh eaten or left to dry for later consumption. This study was conducted in Shiekan Locality, North Kordofan State, Sudan in 2019. The aim of this research paper is to identify different actors that involved in value chain of Ziziphus spina - christi. Random sampling technique was applied where eight villages were randomly selected. A total number of 86 respondents representing household heads were chosen to represent 10% of total households, twenty-five traders were interviewed beside fifteen respondents from processors who were also interviewed. Bio-physical data were collected using 320 circular sample plots with radius of 35.7m (0.4 hectare). Data was analyzed using Microsoft Excel 2010 and SPSS version 22. The results of bio-physical revealed that the mean density for different species was 34 trees while the highest density for Ziziphus spina - christi was 11 trees. Result indicates that, the actors involved in value chain of Ziziphus spina - christi are collectors, village traders, city merchants, wholesaler, retailer and consumer at local level. The value chain is short especially in processors and exporters. Gross margin in whole chain demonstrated that wholesalers are the most benefited ones 34.8%. It was also noticed that collectors sell their products immediately after collection with low prices to the traders. The research recommended that rural people who deal with Ziziphus spina - christi should be provided with knowledge to improve techniques of harvesting, processing, development of markets and marketing channels.
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East Africa
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