Forum for Agricultural Resource Husbandry

The primary objectives of the review of the Forum for Agricultural Resource Husbandry (Forum) were to define options and make recommendations concerning a second phase of the Programme particularly relating to: 1) transferring programme management to an African institution 2) adapting the Forum strategy to changing needs and opportunities and 3) broadening and sustaining donor support. The report provides a brief overview of progress under Forum followed by a brief discussion on suggestions and recommendations that are deemed necessary to address the objectives of the assignment. It is based on information and opinions derived from a number of sources including literature provided by Forum and the Rockefeller Foundation (RF), results from three surveys, visits to all the Forum universities, and in-depth discussions with a large number of people including prospective donors, senior university administrators, university faculty, students and employers. The authors conclude that the RF can be very happy with the impact of Forum and the prospects of increasing impact in the future as the culture associated with Forum becomes increasingly institutionalised within faculties. They add that continued support by the RF is vital to ensure institutionalisation and provide a window of opportunity to attract support from other donors. Lastly, they appreciate that setting up an independent unit for the Forum Secretariat would be expensive, but is the only feasible option if Forum is to survive as a regional entity in the long run.
Overview and proposal for future direction
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RUFORUM Consultancy Reports
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