Community Development

Community Action Research Programme (CARP) are designed to establish platforms to link with communities and other stakeholders in action research with 1 PhD and 2 MSc  students being trained with 8 undergraduate research assistants. A CARP budget  will normally be between US$350,000 to $450,000. Read more

RUFORUM Entrepreneurship Challenge Programme (RECAP) is an accelerator program that is institutionalized at an applicant member university to facilitate student’s innovation and business incubation. Through the RECAP, agricultural universities will have the opportunity to establish Agribusiness incubation Centers (AIC) as part of operationalizing the Entrepreneurship Challenge Program to foster the further development of innovative business ideas leading to products and/or services on national to regional scale. The budget is US$50,000. Read more

RUFORUM Impact stories
The Platform showcases RUFORUM activities in African Universities such as trained students in PhD and Msc, technologies developed, research grants awarded and other. Read more