Participation of Small-Scale Farmers in Collective Marketing of Potato in Molo Sub County, Nakuru County, Kenya

Engaging in high value potato (Solanum tuberosum) markets is one important strategy which can assist small scale farmers to increase food security and move out of poverty. Collective marketing has been identified as one of the best strategies to improve the participation of small scale farmers in better markets. However, only a few farmers in Kenya practice collective marketing. This paper therefore, examines the extent of collective marketing amongst small scale potato farmers in Nakuru County. It further discusses reasons for low participation and suggests solutions to increasing participation in collective marketing. The study was conducted in four wards which were purposively selected namely, Molo, Elburgon, Mariashoni and Turi in Molo Sub County, Nakuru County where 118 potato small scale farmers belonging to potato groups were proportionately selected and interviewed. Data was subjected to descriptive statistical analysis using frequencies, percentages and thematic analysis. Only 7.6% of small scale farmers were involved in collective marketing. Women, youth and farmers with high literacy levels were high amongst members who participated in collective marketing. The study also found out that lack of access to better markets, lack of storage facilities and lack of training on collective marketing, were contributing reasons for low participation in collective marketing. Additionally, feeling of being exploited by buyers and lack of trust among group members reduced participation in collective marketing. The study findings may help policy makers, programme implementers and extension workers to advocate for increased participation of small scale farmers in collective marketing through policies and trainings.
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East Africa
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